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Re: how do you make the keyboard shortcuts work? (FC4)


>>> Try as I might, I can't get any of the keyboard shortcuts to work that I
>>> program into the "keyboard shortcuts" preferences Gnome GUI tool.

Mostafa Z. Afgani:

> You might want to give this a try:
> http://darkknight9.blogspot.com/2005/08/custom-keybinding-gnome.html

Hmm, similar to something else I looked at (also explained using xev to
see what codes occur when you press a key), expanding a bit on something
I was curious about though not quite enough (whether you need to provide
a label for some keys, or you can just plonk 0xa4 into the shortcut
editor).  It now looks like I might have to do that extra step.

If so, I wonder if there's some way I cam set up a custom keymap for my
keyboard (some Labtech Y-RAC66 thing not in the list of keyboards),
label it sensibly, and leave it somewhere on the net for the next poor

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