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Re: fc4 on AMD64 dual core

Joel Jaeggli wrote:

On Thu, 29 Sep 2005, Amadeus W. M. wrote:

Just wondering what are people's experiences on dual core AMD64. Is this
architecture fully supported by fc4? Is fc4 stable on this architecture?
Is fc4 optimized for amd64 x2?

dual cores looks like two cpu's. To the extent that multicpu amd64/opterons are well supported by fc4 so are the dual cores. My only dual core box is a dual processor dual core built on a tyan k8sd pro which works fine as far as I'm concerned...

I looked up the recommended motherboards at the AMD web site and all but a
few had an Nvidia chipset (the others VIA). Do I have to worry about
drivers? Do I have to download drivers from Nvidia the way we do for the
Nvidia video cards each time we upgrade the kernel? Which chipset is
natively supported by fc4?

All the chipset integrated pieces in the via chipset boards are well supported. I have no personal experience with the nforce-4 ultra, there are people in here who've used it.

I use an Asus A8N-E board with the nForce-4 Ultra chip set and an X2 4200+. It works very well, except for one BIOS related quirk. It doesn't detect my IDE drive at startup. After a press of the reset everything is fine. I believe SATA drives work without a hitch.


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