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RE: "exchange server" for Linux


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Subject: Re: "exchange server" for Linux

> At this point in time, no workgroup software, open
source or proprietary
> has all of the bases covered.

If you are going to do calendar/scheduling at all, you
need to
make the changes happen quickly and automatically. 
The reason
it's difficult/impossible for standards-based stuff is
the RFC's only cover wire-level transmission format,
not how
things are stored or how they interact with each
other.  So,
there are some standards for how a calendar event
would be
transmitted, and there are standards for how things
like that
are attached to email messages, but there aren't any
how a mail server or agent interacts with a calendar
or notification

When I asked about 'exchange' type services for Linux
as I had just set up a
couple of clients on PCs and Macs (via Entourage) with
some hosted exchange
servers.  The features are definitely nice.  I think,
however, since it's
MS--it means a lot of hassles and unforeseen
difficulties as patches arise
from patches.  In essence, Exchange has "all the bases
covered" as you say.
What I'm really anxiously awaiting, however, is the
Mozilla Sunbird project.
When that starts out with some real usable betas and
an eventual release,
I'll be in calendar/contact heaven!

Thanks for the help all!

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