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Re: how do you make the keyboard shortcuts work? (FC4)

On Thu, 29 Sep 2005 22:37:21 +0930
Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au> wrote:

> Ttim:
> >> Try as I might, I can't get any of the keyboard shortcuts to work that I
> >> program into the "keyboard shortcuts" preferences Gnome GUI tool. 
> >>
> >>  For example, I've tried the following, ineffectually:
> >> 
> >> Launch help browser <Shift><Control>w  (original setting, but does nothing)
> >> E-mail 0xec (does nothing)
> >> Take screenshot <Shift>Print (this works)
> >> Run a terminal 0xeb (does nothing)
> Richard E Miles:
> > I tried some of the commands you mentioned with keyboard shortcuts and
> > they work for me. Of course these only work for the keyboard
> > activities that are available in the menu.
> By menu, do you mean the options in that configuration program?  Such as
> some of the ones I listed.
> Desktop:  log out, sleep, search, e-mail, launch web browser, run a
> terminal, all do nothing.  None of the sound category items do anything.
> I notice that some of these entries don't seem to have a corresponding
> entry in the gconf-editor mentioned below.
> > You click on the entry, then enter the key combination you want, and
> > it works. This is for the keyboard shortcuts from the Desktop
> > preferences keyboard selection.
> Not for me...  :-(  Only a few of them work.
> > If you want to use your own activity for example a keyboard
> > shortcut for the eject command you have to select from the
> > applications system tools configuration editor gui application. Select
> > apps metacity global_keybindings to enter the shortcut then from the
> > keyboard-commands selection enter the actual command to launch (ie
> > eject).
> Do you mean "keybinding_commands" rather than keyboard-commands?  That
> was the other thing I tried.  For instance:
> gconf-editor 2.10.0:
> ...
> gthumb
> metacity
>    general
>    global_keybindings
>      run_command_2      F7
>    keybinding_commands
>      command_2          xmms     
>    window_keybindings
>    workspace_names
> mini-commander
> ...
> That appears to work.  Though still doesn't help me with one or two
> useful buttons on this keyboard (e.g. un/mute the sound, volume
> up/down).

Sorry to hear that the key entry does not work for all entries.
Yes I meant keybinding_commands.

To modify the sound you can use the amixer command with appropriate arguments.
See man amixer. I havn't tried to do this myself but looks like it should work.

Hope this helps,

Richard Miles
Federal Way WA. USA
registered linux user 46097

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