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Re: OT: Massachusetts Verdict: MS Office Formats Out

On Thu, 2005-29-09 at 15:28 -0700, Craig White wrote:
> of course you are ignoring the fact that if you use Word and save the
> file in a foreign format, you get the same type of warnings.
> I guess I don't see the distinction except that the warnings in OO only
> come when you save files in .DOC format and in Word, when you don't save
> in .DOC format.
Well said.

The last time I updated my resume was at least 5 years ago.
I believe it was in Word format, so I exported it and 
reformatted it in Applix which I no longer have, but 
fortunately I had the foresight to also save it in standard 
ascii text and RTF. It turns out we did not go public and 
I did not have to bid for my job, so it was never used. 

My point here is if I had only saved it in Applix I may have 
had to redo it from scratch. Lets just pretend that MSFT went 
bust, after being sued for mental pain and anguish by 
millions of people in a class action suite, and word was no 
longer available ; How would Massachusetts citizens gain 
access to state documents stored in word format that they 
needed when they had no way of running word anymore.


PS: Would like to start a class action suite against MSFT
for the mental pain and anguish they have suffered from 
the use their products. If you would then sign me up. ;^)

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