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Re: Fwd: [Contributors] Microsoft Windows Is Offically Broken


>> A good GUI shouldn't need documentation, though; it should explain
>> itself intuitively, and provide some hints for the more difficult
>> bits.

akonstam trinity edu

> I have an ex-student who made a claim like this recently. His company
> produces a product that needs no documentation. It is "intuitively
> obvious" he says.
> Balderdash. I am still waiting for the program that needs no
> documentation.

Then it's not a "good GUI".  :-\  I did say a good GUI shouldn't need
it, I didn't say all GUIs are good.  A lot are quite crap, like the two
examples I gave.

On the other side of the coin, a lot of non-GUI programs are crap to use
for similar reasons:  Unintuitive ways of working, requires
documentation to understand how to use them, and the documentation is

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