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Re: yumex and memory

Josh Coffman wrote:

--- "Michael A. Peters" <mpeters mac com> wrote:

On Wed, 2005-09-28 at 21:03 +0200, Eric Tanguy

Using yumex use a lot of memory but it seems that

yumex does not

restitute it. You use yumex, you look for

something so first in your

default repos and after you try in other repos but

at each time you

click on refresh on the repos tab yumex does not

restitute the memory.

If i try this 4 or 5 times yumex saturate my

memory and the only

possibility is to close yumex and reopen it.
Someone could confirm this and/or explain me why ?

I've noticed that too.

Although I'm still learing it and still using yumex
for mostly, smartpm seems like a better package
It's faster and claims to resolve packages better than


I would try smartpm but there is no FC4 version. I guess I will stick with Yumex. BTW, is there a bug filed on the memory issue?

Robin Laing

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