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Re: OT: Massachusetts Verdict: MS Office Formats Out

fedora butterflystitches com au wrote:

I would think it would be fairly easy, when exporting to any format to know what of the OOo formating can't be saved properly, then check if the document about to be saved has any of these. And put up a requester only if something in the formating can't be saved correctly.

Exactly my point.

create a test.txt file using $ echo "this is a test" > test.txt

Start OpenOffice.org 1.1
Open a test.txt (OK)
Save as test.doc (OK)
Add an empty line to the end of the document
Save (Got requester)

And this is exactly my complaint. IT IS LAZY-BONES PROGRAMMING.

There is no excuse for it. Well, in a programming class where no-
one doing the programming claims to be anything like an expert
software professional, yes, that's an excuse for a student-
produced program. But for something which purports to be produced
for professional, serious use, this is just unacceptable.

BTW, "But the OTHER OS's product does the same thing!" is *also*
not an excuse.

I know that there isn't anything that can't be saved correctly in this plain text document but I still got the requester saying there might be. I don't think this is wise.

You are being kind.

Kinda getting into topic drift, here :-)

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