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Re: how can I make a boot floppy disk?

Joachim Backes wrote:
On Fri, 2005-09-30 at 11:11 +0200, mustafa wrote:

I just finished installing fedora 3, I didn't install a boot loader, how can I make a boot floppy disk?
I saw this note from fedora 4 installation dcumentation:
"Your computer must have GRUB or another boot loader installed in order to start, unless you create a separate startup disk to boot from."
But the installation finished and it didn't ask me to make one!
also, I can burn a boot image on a cd, could that help

/sbin/mkbootdisk command.

Hasn't worked for a looooonng time.


The message is perhaps a little ambiguous. What it means is that
you must install something to boot FC4 somewhere, it does not
boot itself. If your computer boots right now, then a boot
did get installed. Most likely GRUB is what is installed on
your hard drive.

I consider it good practice to make a boot floppy, and
keep one around. It's also good practice to keep a rescue
bootable CD around.

Anyway, try this:


On my FC2 machine, I get this results:

$ locate stage1

[emphasis added]

$ locate stage2

Either of these two will work for the stage1 and stage2
mentioned on the web page. You may need a stage1_5,
depending on what file system you are using.

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