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Re: Sendmail delays

Grant Ozolins wrote:
Jay Lee wrote:

Grant Ozolins wrote:

Hi List,

Quite often when I try to send mail from either PHP or mutt (and probably other processes too), it takes Sendmail some multiple of 5 seconds to accept the email and let the calling process get on with things, i.e. 30, 35, 45, 55 seconds to accept the mail.

My system is based around FC3-minimal on a dual opteron 244 box

I'm using the stock sendmail.mc file except that I have



dnlDAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp,Addr=, Name=MTA')dnl

Commented. I initially thought this might be a greet_pause type thing, but it's not actually implemented.

Sounds like DNS to me. Even if sendmail is configured to accept unresolvable domains, it's going to sit there a long time waiting. What does:

nslookup `hostname`

return? I'm not sure if sendmail uses /etc/hosts but try adding the output of hostname to /etc/hosts on the same line as " localhost localhost.localdomain"


Hi Jay

Thanks so much for your reply - I do actually have my hostname in /etc/hosts - the wierd thing to me is that (I should have mentioned in my previous post) I was getting no such delay on FC3-32 on the same hardware - but with FC3-x86_64 the delay is present.

Did you run the command?  What was the output?

Jay Lee
Network / Systems Administrator
Information Technology Dept.
Philadelphia Biblical University

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