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Re: Tablet PC

Stanley Davis wrote:
Will FC4 work on a notebook/tablet pc?  I am considering purchasing one but they seem to come with a special install of Windows XP tablet pc edition.  Does linux have supprt for tablet pc yet?

Yes. The Linux Wacom Project (linuxwacom.sourceforge.net) should allow you to utilize the tablet functionality in Linux. Although it requires some modifications to your xorg.conf file (documented on the website). You can install this driver on Fedora with the command "yum install linuxwacom". I've used a traditional Wacom tablet under Fedora quite well with this driver.

If you're still unsure, I suggest Googling for others who have installed Linux on the machine in question. Many write articles detailing their successes and failures, and these may give you an insight into how well the linuxwacom driver supports that particular tablet pc.


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