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EPIA mini-itx MII video challenges

Some time ago I obtained an EPIA mini-itx motherboard to fool with. With 
FC2,3,4 I've been able to get networking, sound, and desktop running 
without trouble, but getting the hardware support for the MPEG-2 
acceleration, or the alledged 3-D hardware support - forget it. Google and 
various archives may be friendly, but I'm not succeeding.

My latest effort, I dropped back to a fresh install of FC4, and updated 
the kernel w/ yum to 2.6.13-1.1526_FC4, and xorg-x11 to (those two packages happened to show up, I didn't 
set out to specify them) Attempting to fire up X results in a flicker of 
the screen, followed by black. <ctrl><alt><F1> allows me to <ctrl>c, and 
regain the screen. This happens both as a normal user and root>

Looking in /var/log/Xorg.0.log the only entry that looks like an error is:

AUDIT: Fri SEp 30 18:27:56 2005:3196 x: client 7 rejected from local host

I will assume that means something to somebody, but its gibberish to me.

I can post xorg.conf & what ever is desired, but I'd really like to get 
this machine working at it's fullest. 

Thanks in advance

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