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Can't install FC5

Hi All,

I am soon giving up on installing FC5.

I have an old computer which is running FC4 successfully since its release. Soltek motherboard, Matrox Millenium II graphics, AMD 1600+, 256 MB memory. Nothing special.

I have downloaded the DVD and burned it using the computer above.
Since I can't run the mediacheck on this computer I have verified the DVD on another computer. From that computer I was also able to run the install program.

When I boot from the DVD I get the initial boot screen and the "linux:" prompt. After the prompt I just get a black screen. No output, nothing. I can see the lines showing loading of the kernel at the bottom of the initial boot screen but after that - blank and no output.

I have tried a multitude of boot options. noacpi, noprobe, etc and nothing works.

Since I don't even get some kind of output I have no idea where to start.

All suggestions would be appreciated.

Best regards


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