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Re: Installation new sw from CD

Federico Bortolotti wrote:
Hi. I'm new in Linux and Fedora world.
I have installed fedora Core 5, but now i want to install others
software included in the installation CDs, but i cannot find an utility
to make this.
How can I do? I have no ADSL connection at home, so i cannot use internet updaters...
insert cd (this is usually mounted automatically)

right-click on the fedora cd icon on the desktop, click Browse Folder.
click the Fedora folder
click the RPMS folder.
find the package you want
  click on it.
enter root password
the package should be installed...

...but if it requires dependencies, then these wont be automatically satisfied.

I don't know if this method gives nice errors like you need x installed before you can install y (I tend to use pirut/pup now or the yum command line, both of which try to install prerequisite packages automatically, but need the net connection.

Another method (if you have lots of spare disk space and at least a modem connection) is to use pirut (add/remove software) to select a package, but then place the rpm packages under: /var/cache/yum/core/packages, so that the packages don't need to get downloaded.

P.S.: where can i find PDF guides to Fedora?
I haven't seen one.


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