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Re: Adding icons to GGV

"Nimit Dhulekar" <nimit slash85 gmail com> writes:

> Hello everyone
> I had posted an earlier mail and got no replies from anyone (even
> after sending it out again). Anyways I have to add icons to GGV which
> will allow you to add notes (like in Adobe reader) but the only icons
> possible are the GTK ones. Can anyone tell me how I can add any other
> icons. I would ideally like to add the icon for the sticky-notes which
> would be most appropriate.
> Waiting eagerly for your replies
> Nimit
Hi Nimit,

I can't answer your question. Just a few thoughts.

GGV isn't installed by default in FC5 since the direction is to move
users to evince which is very promising. Most of users won't need this
advanced feature of ggv. You may get a better chance posting the
question in gnome mailing list, or writing to the author of ggv.


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