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FC5-radeon issues

My laptop (radeon 7500 CRT video) will not output video to a CRT. Text 
(boot screen, text terminal) works.

When an FC4 workstation with radeon 7500 RV200, dual head, installed (yum, 
cron job) the newest kernel (2.6.16-1.2069_FC4), all X11 does is clone the 
display. Rebooting to 2.6.15-1.1833_FC4 solves this.

It smells to me like an xorg configuration issue. The laptop (which is not
physically where I sit) has no explicit LCD/CRT reference. (The gateway
bios correctly says use both LCD and CRT for video.) The workstation
defines two screens, but does not use the framebuffer (there was no fb for
the radeon family when I initially set up this machine). The radeon 
driver man page now refers to fb.

On the other hand, the workstation issue did not appear until 16-1.2069
and reverting a version makes it go away.

I am not at the point of treating this as a bug, hence have not made a
bugzilla report, but I need to fix the laptop issue very soon (like,
very desirable to be done before Monday AM ).


Mark Hansel

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