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Re: very strange connection problem on FC5 installation (SOLVED)

On 4/2/06, Globe Trotter <itsme_410 yahoo com> wrote:
OK, after looking around on the web somewhat (on Windoze), I found the problem.
Turns out that this was a well-documented problem, except that it took me an
upgrade to hit it....turns out that the linux kernel which runs my modem
actually had a bug. It is well-documented on the web. So, I played around with
it some more and a lot. But then half-an-hour found that Qwest had released a
firmware upgrade ten days ago...

Miraculously, this has solved the problem which apparently was that addresses
routinely got assigned and so went nowhere, without any notice.

Isn't it funny, how Qwest refuses to support anything other than MS and then,
underlying their modem is a true linux operating system?

Anyway, so a wasted weekend later, I have a sort of working modem....sort of,
because who knows what other problems are there? Upgrading to FC5 brought this
to the fore....

By the way, the modem in question is ActiontecG701-WT by Qwest.

Thanks to Craig for helping!

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Hi Trotter!
My Quest supplied ActiontecG701-WG responded to IPv6 DNS queries with the same address.  I found the easiest way arround it was to remove the modem's address ( from /etc/resolv.conf (there was another nameserver to use).
I did not see anything about a Kernal issue related to this?  To what do you refer.
In the process I learned that Firefox has one network related parameter to disable the use of IPv6 DNS queries.  Perhaps this is more common than we know.
Perhaps it should be filed as a bug with a suggested fix to check for a valad response address?
Thanks for the note!

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