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Questions about Nautilus and Network protocols


It kinda struck me that I was working on the Fedora
system and wanted to navigate around in the Network
files systems and because I so happen to have samba
and a windows domain name server running on my LAN,
Nautilus will display "Windows Network" shares.

Then I thought to myself, what about network "shares"
that are not necessarily using the SMB protocol?

What about NFS, DFS, or other network protocols that we
can navigate around also?  I recall in my past, that
I used to access network filesystems from the command
line such as: //machine/dir1/dir2 and I would be able
to see a list of files reported back to me. Perhaps this
was the DFS protocol but I don't recall.

Anyway, the reason that I brought this up, is because often
times I want to make a massive transfer of files (drag and drop)
from a linux system to another linux system (never mind FTP or
other commands) and doing it via SMB protocol does not always
make a lot of sense because some files are not recognized by
the SMB protocol and will fail.  An example fff the top of my
head, if I recall is a file ending with .lz (?) or something
like that and I could not transfer it using the SMB protocol.

So... are there other protocols I can activate that would allow
for better navigation/transfers between systems like the case
I mentioned above and have it appear in the Nautilus Network
GUI (or even be able to used it command line in a terminal
session) ?

Kind regards,

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