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Re: vsftpd upload folder

On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 13:28 -0400, Devon Harding wrote:
> What if I wanted to do this for a regular user?  Where would I specify
> the folder in the .conf find?
Please do not top post as you have been doing.  In line posting is much
easier to read.

Read the documentation within the vsftpd.conf file, and also read the
associated man pages for vsftpd and vsftpd.conf.  It is clearly defined
in the wealth of comments there.

> On 4/3/06, Anthony Messina <amessina messinet com> wrote:
>         Devon Harding wrote:
>         > How can designate an upload folder to a anonymous user in
>         vsftpd?  I 
>         > want this user to be able to download from any folder, and
>         upload only
>         > to one specific folder.
Note, you cannot limit the anonymous user to writing to just one
directory if you allow him to read from anywhere.
The /tmp directory is writable by everyone so in addition to the
directory specified he can write to /tmp.

By default the anonymous user is in a chroot jail to prevent filling up
of your filesystems, and other various mischief.  Take that user out of
the jail at your own risk (and the risk is extreme).

>         >
>         create upload directory with access perms and quota for
>         user/group.
>         ensure that the anon user does not have perms to write to
>         other directories. 
>         then
>         anonymous_enable=YES
>         write_enable=YES
>         anon_upload_enable=YES


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