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Re: wpa and supplicant clarification

On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 15:59 -0500, akonstam trinity edu wrote:
> As I understand it wpa and supplicant are programs that strengthen the
> security if wireless communication over that provided by WEP access
> passwds.
> But what is not clear is this. To use wpa or one of the of the forms
> of supplicant it seems to me you would have to have control of the
> access point as well as the DHCP server for that access point.
Yes, you would probably need control of the access point for WPA to do

In most cases their dhcp server only provides a dhcp address to the WAN
side of your access point, not through it to the LAN.  The access
point/router usually serves dhcp for the LAN.

> My access point is serviced by AT&T wireless service. I don't see how
> I could the change their reliance on WEP authorization.
Do you mean they own and manage the access point?  Or that they provide
the internet connectivity to it but you own it?

If the former, you may have troubles changing security.
If the latter, configure it to your hearts content.

> Am I wrong. If so could someone point me to a document that explains
> how to use wpa ot supplicant in this environment?
> -- 

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