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Re: ./configure command

On 4/4/06, Boris Glawe <boris boris-glawe de> wrote:
> Joao Paulo Pires wrote:
> > I'm a end user for FC4. The real problem I have is each time I want
> > try some program from CDs ou DVDs from magazines, they advise to
> > install with './configure' and 'make install'. Is there any other
> > possibility?

> Never do this, though it is recommended. With the final comman "make
> install" you might probably overwrite existing files which are neede by
> other applications.

This is typically not the case. Actually, most software when installed
through this method typically defaults to install to '/usr/local'
where as most RPM based software typically has been configured to use
'/usr'. It is unlikely that you will overwrite files needed by other

> With fedora you have the command yum. This command connects to the
> internet and automatically fetches rpm packages from mirror servers.

As for 'yum' its absolutely great if the package exists in a
repository that is compatible with your architecture and doesn't
conflict with your other repositories and is compiled to support the
modules or features you want and doesn't require massive dependancy
updates to install.

Although I agree, if you can get it through yum, it is a preferred
method, but that does not mean that the package you get will be any
better or worse for your system than something you compiled yourself.


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