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Re: Quanta on FC5 shows wrong accented characters

Paul Smith:
>> I have an HTML document produced with Quanta on FC4, but when I open
>> it with Quanta on FC5, the accented characters are not properly shown.
>> How can I have Quanta showing the accented characters correctly and
>> saving the HTML document with the correct accented characters?

> This is one of the reasons I quite using Quanta. It was too buggy for
> me.  I switched to bluefish. 

That may or may not help, depending on the problem Paul's got
(authoring, serving and/or browsing).

If serving HTML over HTTP, the HTTP headers should specify what
character encoding is used (e.g. UTF-8).  Failing that, and for non HTTP
served HTML, a meta statement in the head of the page can do a similar
job.  Otherwise, the browser plays guessing games, and can get it wrong,
or just makes an assumption based on user preferences or local defaults.

NB:  HTTP headers are authoritative, so if your server sends them, but
your document uses a different encoding, specifying something different
in the meta details isn't going to help.  In that case, your choices
are:  Fix the HTTP details to suit your document (can be a default
setting, can be determined per document).  Remove the HTTP headers about
content encoding and rely on each document defining itself *within*
itself (not a brilliant solution).  Author your document using the
encoding the HTTP headers will advertise.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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