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Re: BUG: spinlock recursion

Gonzalo Aguilera wrote:

I have a brand new Opteron 270 (dual core), Supermicro Motherboard
H8DA8, 2Gb RAM. I have installed Fedora Core 5 and after booting for
first time I get this:

    Red Hat nash version 5.0.32 starting
    BUG: spinlock recursion on CPU#0, scsi_eh_0/345 (Not tainted)
     lock: ffff81007fb64f00, .magic: dead4ead, .owner: scsi_eh_0/345, ..owner_cpu: 0
    Kernel panic -not syncing: bad locking

Either your copy of the kernel or driver is corrupt, you have memory
corruption, or there is a serious software defect.

    What can I do?

Try updating to the latest version of the kernel/driver. If
that doesn't work, try using the "testing" versions of them.

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