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RE: dual booting XP and Linux

Title: RE: dual booting XP and Linux

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Subject: Re: dual booting XP and Linux

Washington, CJ (OCTO) wrote:
> Fedora Core 5 and Windows XP using two Hard drives.

> Have another question, I tired and tried to load Linux and XP using two
> different Hard Drives.  XP loaded
> Correctly, and it seemed as if Linux did to. I loaded XP on the primary
> drive and linux on the slave drive.  I followed the instructions on Fedoras
> site on how to dual boot two operating systems and installed grub in the MBR
> on hda.  Every time I tried to boot the machine, the MBR was I guess ignored
> and linux never booted.  XP kept booting.  So I found a website that
> mentioned removing one of the harddrives, installing XP on it, then removing
> that harddrive and plugging in the second harddrive as master, install Linux
> on that one, then plug in the hard drive with XP as the slave drive.  Then
> booting into linux and changing the grub.conf file.

I found it easier to let the WinXP boot manager chain load GRUB
than the other way 'round. MicroSoft products like to be in
charge. While GRUB+Linux is not a good match, it is a reasonable
match, and works pretty well, whereas GRUB+WinXP is a poor match,
and the WinXP boot manager is a pretty reasonable tool. Once GRUB
is in memory, it's just GRUB, however it got there, and can load
Linux just fine.


Mike, thanks for your help, so since I do have Linux successfully installed and I have Windows XP successfully installed but on two different hard drives, how do I make WinXP boot manager understand how to dual boot using Linux as an option? 

Is WinXP boot manager a separate tool that I need to purchase?

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