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RE: dual booting XP and Linux

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Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2006 2:20 PM
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Subject: Re: dual booting XP and Linux


I have Win XP (primary HD) and FC5 (slave).  I unplugged the hda (windows) and installed linux with Grub bootloader on hdb (grub in the MBR - as default)  I then re-plugged the windows hd into the machine, and changed my bios to boot from CD, HDB, in that order.  that way XP never has a chance to overwrite the grub on hda.

The grub then gives me the option of booting to XP or FC5.

Hope this helps.


So did you change the grub.conf file to recognize XP on hda so that it gives you the option of dual booting?




On 4/6/06, Washington, CJ (OCTO) < CJ Washington dc gov> wrote:

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To: For users of Fedora Core releases
Subject: Re: dual booting XP and Linux

Washington, CJ (OCTO) wrote:
> Fedora Core 5 and Windows XP using two Hard drives.

> Have another question, I tired and tried to load Linux and XP using two
> different Hard Drives.  XP loaded
> Correctly, and it seemed as if Linux did to. I loaded XP on the primary
> drive and linux on the slave drive.  I followed the instructions on Fedoras
> site on how to dual boot two operating systems and installed grub in the MBR
> on hda.  Every time I tried to boot the machine, the MBR was I guess ignored
> and linux never booted.  XP kept booting.  So I found a website that
> mentioned removing one of the harddrives, installing XP on it, then removing
> that harddrive and plugging in the second harddrive as master, install Linux
> on that one, then plug in the hard drive with XP as the slave drive.  Then
> booting into linux and changing the grub.conf file.

I found it easier to let the WinXP boot manager chain load GRUB
than the other way 'round. MicroSoft products like to be in
charge. While GRUB+Linux is not a good match, it is a reasonable
match, and works pretty well, whereas GRUB+WinXP is a poor match,
and the WinXP boot manager is a pretty reasonable tool. Once GRUB
is in memory, it's just GRUB, however it got there, and can load
Linux just fine.


Mike, thanks for your help, so since I do have Linux successfully installed and I have Windows XP successfully installed but on two different hard drives, how do I make WinXP boot manager understand how to dual boot using Linux as an option? 

Is WinXP boot manager a separate tool that I need to purchase?


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