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Re: FC5 Totem and DVD

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Thursday 06 April 2006 21:06, Guy Fraser wrote:
I actually have an officially released unencrypted DVD at home. I first
tried to play it on a Windows machine with a DXR2 DVD kit, but it
wouldn't play,

Yes, I have one or two, but not many.

I thought it was defective so I returned it and got another one. After it wouldn't play, I figured there must be more to
it, so I took the DVD to FutureShop and tried it in some standalone
DVD players. The only ones that would play it were made by Toshiba, so
I bought one. I would hope that most DVD players would play it now,
I bought a portable DVD/Navigation system and it will play data DVD's
with vidX, DivX and MP3's, regular DVD's and audio CD's it even has a
built in FM transmitter so I can listen to it over the stereo in my
truck, when I am not using it for navigation.

Oddly enough, my Toshiba was the one that gave me difficulties. I bought the Lite-On 18 months ago, and it plays pretty much everything, but then it runs xine ;-) The interface is so recognisable

Getting firmware updates for drives can relieve a lot of problems. Some companies don't
seem to make them.  Plextor seems to have too many firmware upgrades =P

Not movie related, but my laptop read the 1x, 2x DVD-Rs just fine, but I bought 4x DVD+RW and they wouldn't read. The 4x had a new "standard" or some thing, but new firmware was avail and it read just fine.

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