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RE: dual booting XP and Linux

Title: RE: dual booting XP and Linux

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Washington, CJ (OCTO) wrote:

> I found it easier to let the WinXP boot manager chain load GRUB
> than the other way 'round. MicroSoft products like to be in
> charge. While GRUB+Linux is not a good match, it is a reasonable
> match, and works pretty well, whereas GRUB+WinXP is a poor match,
> and the WinXP boot manager is a pretty reasonable tool.

That's nonsense.
Millions of people are using to grub to boot Linux and/or Windows.
It works perfectly well.

It's easier to install Windows first,
but if you install Linux (with grub) first
it is a good idea to save the MBR with something like

        dd if=/dev/hda of=mbr bs=512 count=1

Then you can replace it afterwards (if you want) with

        dd of=/dev/hda if=mbr bs=512 count=1

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To who ever wants to be a smart ass,

First of all, I was the one who posed the original question.  Look, I'm here because I assumed that there were actually people on this list that could help me because in no way am I remotely a Linux guru or even novice.  I just got into this just like everyone else on this list who once started out very novice with Linux and Unix.

It's cool, I'll figure it out eventually. 

Thanks to everyone for all your help,

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