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[OT] Re: BUG: spinlock recursion

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Bill Polhemus wrote:
> Gilboa Davara wrote:
>>P.S. Please don't post in HTML. Thanks.
> FWIW, I think that in this day and age, complaining about posting in
> HTML is patently ridiculous.
> Either set up your list to strip out the HTML--a common technology
> that's been around for years now--or just live with it.
> Very, very few people use Pine or Mutt to post to email lists any
> more.

Really?  I send and receive a lot of mailing list posts using mutt.
There's been 5 or 6 folks here today using mutt to post (something I
can easily search/filter on using mutt).

In addition to filtering all html at the list level, mutt has
excellent features to dump the html to text (where I can view it in
the font and colors that I want, not the one's the sender prefers).

For the more serious html-averse, procmail rules to just /dev/null any
text/html mail aren't hard to write.  :)

> I happen to also LIKE HTML email. It is quite easy on the eyes,
> particularly for someone like me whose eyesite isn't what it used to
> be.

Is there something that keeps you from setting the fonts that look
best to you in thunderbird and still sending plain text messages?  I
don't ask to denigrate your preference, I'm honestly curious because
it seems to me that if you receive plain text mail that thunderbird
will display it fine using the settings you have chosen, which might
use larger fonts than others use.  It's receiving html mail where
someone else has inserted their formatting preferences into the
message that I would think would be an issue for your eyes. :)

> This used to be a common complain W-A-Y 'long time ago, when most of
> the Internet world was still text-based. To me, the complaint is
> spurious at the present time.

I think there's still a good reason to ask people not to post in html
(or in the least, to sent multipart/alternative with a text/plain
part).  And the reason is that text/plain is much easier to archive.
Take a stroll through some mailman based list archives and you'll see
some really pretty html posts (::cough::).  Some of this is because
the pipermail archiver included with mailman isn't the greatest, some
of it is due to the myriad ways that clients send bad html.

I prefer plain text personally and I do set the lists I manage to
convert text/html to text/plain - primarily for the sake of readable
archives.  But that's just my preference.

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