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Re: dual booting XP and Linux

Timothy Murphy wrote:
In my opinion your advice is completely misconceived.

Firstly, I imagine 95% of people already have Windows on their machines,
and are now installing Linux.

Assuming they are installing Fedora,
I would say that if they simply follow the instructions on the disk,
and install the boot-loader as recommended,
that will work 95% of the time.

I'm tryng hard not to be the guy who gives bad advice 5% of the time.

You are inventing difficulties which simply do not arise
in the vast majority of cases.

I find that taking a little precaution at the beginning can
avoid the difficulties that may arise. I also find that
preventing problems is easier, simpler, and less work in
the long run than trying to disentangle the mess which
results when once in 20 bad things happen.

It's actually quite a bad idea to change disks around during installation,
as grub has a fixed idea of which disk is which
(as described in /boot/grub/device.map).

I suggested not installing GRUB on the hard drive until after
getting boot to run on a floppy if possible. I believe in
"disentanglement" as much as possible. I like to have things
work separately before trying to make them work together.

I'm not going to try to respond to you any further.

This message made from 100% recycled bits.
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I can explain it for you, but I can't understand it for you.
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