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Re: Upgrade without CD/Floppy?

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Devon Harding wrote:
> I have a FC3 system that cannot boot from CD or floppy.  Is it
> possible to upgrade to FC5 without a CD or Floppy?  Yum?

I have no experience doing yum upgrades, though many folks on this
list have done them with varying degrees of success, judging by the

My preference when updating to a new version is to do a fresh install
and then restore my config file changes manually.  Not always quick
and easy, but it avoids some update pitfalls.

Anyway, some options (other than yum) that you may have are network
boot or a usb drive.  If you can boot from a usb device, that's
probably less setup than a network boot.  Both methods will require
you to have another system that you can put the install files on and
each will require a network card.

How familiar are you with linux?  Setting up a network boot isn't all
that hard, but it's also not something that'd be fun to try if you're
still learning your way around a command prompt.  I did this a while
back with (IIRC) FC2 and I had little problem googling for the
details and making it work.

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