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RE: Trouble installing FC5

Kind of a chicken and egg thing.  I boot off of the floppy ok, type linux
askmethod so I can install from net, and it hangs in same spot, reading the

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Joe Fullenkamp wrote:

> I have tried some of the other options, like noprobe, all with the same
> result.  I even tried to verify the media, and it hangs at the same point.
> I'm not trying to do a dual boot, or anything fancy, I just want to
> install
> fedora on this machine.  Can anyone help???

There are half-a-dozen ways of installing Fedora, as described eg in

Personally, I would install from hard disk if I had problems with the CDs
(assuming there is enough temporary space - about 3GB - on the hard disk).

In my experience, anaconda has always been quite bad
at dealing with different CD readers,
and it seems if anything to have got worse with FC-5.

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