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Re: dual booting XP and Linux

Dan wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

Timothy Murphy wrote:

In my opinion your advice is completely misconceived.

Firstly, I imagine 95% of people already have Windows on their machines,
and are now installing Linux.

Assuming they are installing Fedora,
I would say that if they simply follow the instructions on the disk,
and install the boot-loader as recommended,
that will work 95% of the time.

I'm tryng hard not to be the guy who gives bad advice 5% of the time.

You are inventing difficulties which simply do not arise
in the vast majority of cases.


I think he's just trying to get at that the majority of people should just let anaconda handle installing GRUB, and for 90% or so of those people, it will just work. If it doesn't, you have quality advice for them to follow, otherwise, it is unnecessary work for some who are just getting started with linux and don't know anything about grub or perhaps even the windows bootloader.

What I'm trying to say I said. I'm trying not to be the guy
who gives bad advice 5% of the time. He doesn't mind getting
people into trouble one time in 20 (his estimate).

BTW, his estimation of my advice was (read above) "completely
misconceived", and the difficulties I envision are "invented".

These "auto recovery" modes do not guarantee that anything
already on the machine will survive.

So I don't think he's "just trying to" anything. IMO, the
goals are (1) get this guy's machine up fastest, though
perhaps not guaranteed, and sort out any mess later
because "it won't happen to me" (like the way teenagers
drive cars) and (2) belittle and denigrate someone else
who is more cautious by denying and trivializing his statements.

I've encountered this "Oh, you're doing something wrong" attitude
before in this forum, when an install doesn't work.

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