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Logwatch puzzles

This box runs samba in order to serve up a public directory.  I'm seeing many 
lines in Logwatch that do not appear in the main server Logwatch, and trying 
to understand what is causing them.  I find this puzzling, for instance:

process_name_query_request: Name query from on subnet for name LYDGATE.LAN<1d> : 91 Time(s) is this box, and was active for a considerable time 
yesterday, but "on subnet" sounds odd?

There are other lines that seem to suggest that it is trying to connect to a 
windows active domain.  There is a W2K box on the lan, for which I have no 
access, so can't answer for its configuration, but again, I don't see any 
such lines on the main server Logwatch.

Both boxes have Logwatch set to level Low.

I've tried googling, but although I've found dozens of entries with similar 
phrases, none that I've read so far seem to fit my circumstances.  What I 
really need now is some suggestions for troubleshooting this.  I know I could 
just ignore them, but among all that crud there could be hiding something 
that I need to see, but would miss.


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