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Re: Laptop cover switch in FC5

Michael H. Warfield wrote:
Hello all,

	There has been a bit of a change between FC4 and FC5 that has bit me.

	I have a Dell Laptop that I'm often using with an external monitor.
I've used this with "clone" mode and "dual head mode" and "xinerama" at
different times.  Under FC4, I would normally just close the laptop
screen when hooked to the external monitor and work on that monitor.  I
found that in FC5, as soon as it hits the cover switch the laptop
activates the screen saver.  I think in FC4 it merely executed a "screen
off" for the internal screen which turned off the laptop screen and left
the external screen alone.  FC5 now results in both screens blanked
until I open the laptop again and enter the password into the

	Anyone have any idea how to get the old behavior back?  I can't find
the "hook" that tells it how to behave.

I don't think it's a difference in how FC4 handled the external monitor; the difference is that in FC5, the kernel has the framework for the suspend and hibernate operations, so power management is implemented in a much more useful fashion. You can look through gnome-power-manager (the preferences for the battery icon in the tray) and see if there is an option to make the screen not go blank immediately when the lid is closed.

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