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Re: FC5 network installation?

On Sun, 2006-04-09 at 02:12 -0500, Peter Horst wrote:
> I'm trying to install FC5 on a computer without a working floppy or 
> cd-rom. This computer is currently running Debian stable, and is on a 
> tiny little network with my WinXP laptop.  Someone on IRC was trying to 
> explain how I can use Grub to do a network installation, but I'm not 
> getting it. Does this involve installing some kind of PXE server on my 
> other computer?  Is it possible to point Grub to a disk image on the 
> same computer on which I'm trying to install the new OS? And if so, am I 
> using an ISO image, or rather a set of unpacked files (kernel image, 
> etc.)?  Thanks, hope this question rings a bell for someone.

One way is the full network boot using PXE, which I think is described
in the FC5 Installation Guide.

Another way is to boot the installer from the hard disk using an
existing Linux installation:


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