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Re: How to copy a Fedora-4 system? Again!

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On 9 Apr 2006 at 15:08, Timothy Murphy wrote:

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Subject:        	How to copy a Fedora-4 system? Again!
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> > So my query is: how exactly should one copy a Fedora-4 system
> > to another partition?
> I asked this question a couple of days ago,
> and received quite a lot of responses.
> However, I tried out all the suggestions,
> and none of them worked,
> which leads me to think that none of the "advisors"
> had actually tested their advice.
> I should say that dd is not appropriate
> since the source is not all in one partition,
> as perhaps I should have made clear;
> /usr , /usr/share and /usr/local are all in separate partitions,
> although I planned to have one large / partition for the new system
> (using an old Windows partition for this purpose).
> The problem, as I see it, is: which directories should one exclude?
> In particular, if I copied /dev then the system booted,
> but there were a number of errors reported during the boot,
> and a number of services did not start.
> If I didn't copy /dev the re-boot seemed to hang when init starts.
> Has anyone actually made a copy of an FC-4 system with success,
> using tar, cp -a, rsync or anything similar?
> If so, which directories did you exclude?

Not sure if this would work for you, but it is something I did recently. 
Had a Fedora Core 4 system that had a 40GB hard drive that was reporting 
via smart that the drive was going to fail shortly. I used g4l to copy the entire 
disk image to a 200GB drive using G4L, which uses dd. This copied the two 
partitions to the drive, and then I created another volume with the extra 
space. The only problem I ran into, was the initrd didn't include the SATA 
driver, so I had make one with it, and copy it to the drive after booting from 
the rescue CD. Then it booted fine.

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