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Re: [Flame Bait] - Linux as bloatware

On Sun, 2006-04-09 at 22:55 -0700, Stephen Mirowski wrote:
> I don't use Evolution;  however, if I uninstall it, deps would remove 
> Gnome

Not on this machine (FC4). Attempting to "yum remove evolution" gives:

 evolution               i386  2.2.3-3.fc4  installed    24 M
Removing for dependencies:
 evolution-connector     i386  2.2.3-1.fc4  installed   6.5 M

You probably tried to remove evolution-data-server as well. Its
functionality is used beyond the evolution mail client:

        Description :
        The evolution-data-server package provides a unified backend for
        programs that work with contacts, tasks, and calendar
        It was originally developed for Evolution (hence the name), but
        is now used by other packages.


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