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Re: Installing FC from internet

On 10/04/06, Gordon Messmer <yinyang eburg com> wrote:
Ali Helmy wrote:
> Is there anyway I can install FC (any version) from the internet,
> without having access to CDs or a CD-burner? I mean I have a WinXP PC,
> and I want to install FC to, but I don't have any CD-drive on that
> machine...
> I do, though, have a good internet connection, so... is it do-able?

Yup.  You want to use "Grub for NT" to boot the installer.  This
document discusses how:


The document recommends using the isolinux images, though I usually use
the vmlinuz and initrd.img files from images/pxeboot/.  I'm not sure
there's any difference, they're the same size in each directory.

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Hard to believe or not, I DON'T have a CD-Drive... i've installed my WinXP a long time ago, and then my CD-ROM drive died...

     A. Helmy
  One Life... LIVE It
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