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Re: AOL Customers

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On Mon, 10 Apr 2006 13:22:54 -0400 "Randy Grimshaw" <rgrimsha syr edu>
> AOL is also blocking our church news... 
> I am a little reluctant to chime in on this thread because it seems to
> have been beaten to death that AOL and Yahoo will now guarantee
> delivery of your messages for a fee. What this translates to is
> postage for spam with a carelessly high false positive rate.
> Unfortunately I am unaware of a means for subscibers to flag the
> non-spam messages.
> I have exhausted the techniques available to send from my hosting
> provider, but messages from my home are accepted readily. As this is
> shared hosting I suspect that there are others from my ip space that
> AOL has legitimately chosen to block.
> One possibile solution may be to offer free webmail accounts to our
> congregation using the hosting service. As part of the basic package,
> our provider includes sufficient numbers of accounts to accomplish
> this. YMMV.
> <><Randy

That is what I am having a problem with. It is the contact forms on
sites that are being blocked. Sending regular emails are fine.

That is unbelievable that yahoo and AOL are doing this.  It is a never
ending battle! LOL

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