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Re: New on cable. Bash prompt name changed?

ron wrote:

After setting up my high speed cable account, my bash prompt changed.
How do I change it? Is the address:


my permanent "back" address? It does not seem to change.

It seems you get your address by DHCP from Comcast, and their DHCP server instructs the DHCP client to change your hostname, the same way that it can set your client DNS server address to use for example.

If your dhcp client app is dhclient

ps -Af | grep dhclient

which it is IIRC for Fedora, you can use a supersede keyword to defeat the dhcp server from changing your locally preferred value. See

man dhclient.conf

Or another way to come at it is to mess with


if you don't mind the fact your hostname changed but just want to control the bash prompt.


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