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Re: New on cable. Bash prompt name changed? SOLVED

> Message: 7
> Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 22:33:06 +0100
> From: Andy Green <andy warmcat com>
> Subject: Re: New on cable. Bash prompt name changed?
> To: For users of Fedora Core releases <fedora-list redhat com>
> Message-ID: <443ACF12 5020502 warmcat com>
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> ron wrote:

>> After setting up my high speed cable account, my bash prompt changed.
>> How do I change it? Is the address:
>> c-53-131-25-317.hsd1.fl.comcast.net
>> my permanent "back" address? It does not seem to change.

> It seems you get your address by DHCP from Comcast, and their DHCP
> server instructs the DHCP client to change your hostname, the same way
> that it can set your client DNS server address to use for example.

> If your dhcp client app is dhclient

> ps -Af | grep dhclient

> which it is IIRC for Fedora, you can use a supersede keyword to defeat
> the dhcp server from changing your locally preferred value.  See

> man dhclient.conf

> Or another way to come at it is to mess with

> /etc/bashrc

> if you don't mind the fact your hostname changed but just want to
> control the bash prompt.

> -Andy
> -------------------------------

Thank You,

(I should have said I wanted to change my shell domain name, sorry.)




supersede domain-name localhost.localdomain; (no quotes)

man dhcp-options says:

The  domain-name  data  type  specifies  a  domain name, which must not be
      enclosed in double quotes.   This data type is not used for any  exist-
      ing DHCP options.   The domain name is stored just as if it were a text

Do I really need a Nat router?


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