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RE: trouble installin FC5

> > Fedora core 5 tries to read the labels that software SATA RAID uses
> > to provide RAID functionality. If you are using a generic XP
> driver XP may
> > see it as two drives. FC4 would also have seen it as two drives. If the
> > BOIS is set to RAID then FC5 will map the two to one device useing the
> > mapper
> >
> > Check the BIOS to see if the disks are designated as a RAID array
> >
> > Robert
> thanks for replying
> I don't intend to use RAID functionnality right now, as i 'm not still
> familiar with this specially when dual booting windows and FC
> here is what i have  in bios,
> SATA is configured as "Standard IDE"
> Onboard IDE Operate Mode  is on "Enhanced Mode"
> Enhanced Mode support on "S-ATA"
> I've  installed the scsi and sata driver to work with windoze at install
> hicham.

It may be a device mapper problem. Unless there is an additional menu for
RAID you should see two drives in FC5.

You could try the ATA Raid list ataraid-list redhat com  Tell them FC5 may
incorrectly detecting your RAID settings. See if you can get more
about the SATA chipset before you go over (this is stuff they like to know)

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