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Re: MP3 files in Linux how to play them?!!!!!

On Tuesday 11 April 2006 16:46, Ivan Evstegneev wrote:
> Ok now I installed my livna repository and it works just fine.
> There is one more question. How do I make the amarok play my mp3? cause
> the rpm package that I installed it from was not contain an mp3 codec...
> so where can I get some mp3 rpm for amarok?
Ivan, in a root console try the following command:

yum search mp3

It will go through all the repositories that you have enabled and give you a 
list of everything it knows is connected with mp3.  You will also find it 
useful to search  for 'codec'.  You should be able to find from the results 
the packages that do what you need.

In case you didn't know, you can install several at once, by putting the 
package names separated by spaces, such as

yum install thispackage thatpackage anotherpackage



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