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Re: ASUS MoBo support for NVidia chipsets in FC

Deboo ^ wrote:
>      Wanted to know if the ASUS A8N-SLI MoBo supports 64 bit FC4/5 linux? If
> someone is usingthis under FC 64bit, please let me know.

I do. No problems for the parts I use (I don't actually have two PCIe
graphics cards, and I've yet to upgrade to a SATA hard drive). I think I
upgraded during the FC3 timescale.

... except I initially tried running it with a PCI (not express) Radeon
9250. But that card seemed to be trouble all around.

One thing that might surprise you is that at least with the right
setting in the BIOS, Cool-n-Quiet / cpufreq works with no further
configuration required. You'll run at 1 GHz (with lower electrical power
requirements) when you don't need the CPU power. As soon as you start
something CPU-intensive, the CPU will go back to full speed.

I've known the CPU fan turn itself off in cold weather, because the
system wasn't producing enough heat for it to be needed. As soon as I
started something processor-intensive, it would start up again.

I'm pleased with it.


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