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Re: Samba and NFS need some explanations.

On Mon, 10 Apr 2006 22:04:02 +0300
Ivan Evstegneev <bravo_elf gmail ru> wrote:

> Hi everyone!!!
> The problem is that I still can't understand when do I need to use
> SAMBA and NFS?

SMB, what Samba does, allows you to export stuff to a single user.
Under SMB a user that a share is mounted as is the user access is going
to occur as. Use this one in a unsecure enviroment or in one where
windows are clients. 

NFS allows you to export stuff for multiple users. You mount it and
then who ever have proper permissions on the access stuff can access
it. Use this one only in a secure enviroment.

>    For example: I have two computers at home one is PC and it directly
> connects to the Internet and the second one is laptop that connects
> via the PC, it can be called the standard scheme for most of the
> people I guess. On my PC Win XP is installed and the laptop has FC5
> on it. So now I want to enable file sharing between those two
> computers. The question is: how do I need to configure all this
> stuff? I mean... on which computer do I need install samba, the PC or
> laptop or both of them? Does it must be Samba-server packet or client
> will be enough? And what is NFS for anyway? When do I use this one? I
> got totally confused about all this stuff... 
>    I don't need some step by step guides or something like that, just
> give me some "global" explanation so I'll try to go on by myself.
> These are the different types of schemes I would prefer to receive
> some info about what do I need to install on each one to get the file
> sharing among them. I wanna try all of these for gain some
> experience. :))) 1) PC=Win XP     laptop=FC5
> 2) PC=FC5        laptop=FC5
> 3) PC=FC5        laptop=Win XP
> *** note: my PC has direct connection to the NET and laptop connects
> via PC.

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