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Re: Problem on installing/running FC5 64 bit

Hi Dan,

> As I stated, if the sha1sums check, the downloads are perfectly fine
> and 
> there's no reason to re-download them; the problem would either be in
> the burner, the media, or the reader. Since with the nodma thing they
> checked out, I don't think it's the media; but I don't really know
> what 
> the nodma switch does and why it is sometimes necessary, I'm sure 
> someone else on this list does.

Finally I got FC5_64 installed on the new PC.  It is working now but
still having some problem.

1) The PC will hang occasionally during working, most the times on
clicking the mouse pointer to start an application on Gnome desktop (no
KDE desktop installed)

2) After booting up the PC and login Gnome desktop the mouse won't
work.  It has to be plugged out and replug in to get it works.

Any advice?  TIA


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