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Re: pirut (FC5 additional package installation help)

On Wed, 2006-04-12 at 16:06 -0700, Kevin Grover wrote:
> I installed FC5 (at work) from an NFS mount.  I picked the 'customize
> later' option on intial install rather than spend the time to select
> individual packages.  When I run 'Add/Remove Software' from the Gnome
> (metacity) WM, a GUI pops up, it thinks for a while and gives me an
> error:
> 'unable to retrieve software information'
> [[Note much help there.  Reminds me of an old fortan compiler that
> simply said 'No' if the source file had any error.]]
> When I click OK the GUI closes (all windows go away), 
> After poking around, I figured out what program was running (pirut)
> and ran it from the command line.  Now I see an error there:
> 'ERROR: Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: core'
> I looked for help on pirut on the system
> the program has --help or -h option
> no man page
> no info page
> nothing found in included help (html)
> /usr/doc/pirut* was useless
> briefly looked at pirut python code, no help there
> Is there a way I can get pirut to look at the nfs mounted image for
> install packages instead of going over the net?  I can not possibly
> put this machine on an Internet connection.  I guess, I can just nuke
> everything and re-install and actually choose the options.  I almost
> wish I would have just left FC4 on the machine.
> I also tried yum, rpm, and system-install-packages but it seemd that I
> had to list a needed packages explicitly.  I tried for a while and
> gave up.  There must be an easier way.
> If there's some other program I can use, or if I can get rpm or yum to
> let me select packages.  I want to install the KDE stuff, some other
> WMs, and set XDMCP to be launchable from Applications (?? I think
> menu) on the login screen.  I know XDMCP is not secure, it does not
> matter: the network this will run on a physically secure.
> Everything worked fine (installing new software with pirut) on my home
> machine (which is connected to the Internet).
> Any help appreciated.
> [[FC5 seams to have so much documentation, but never anything I'm
> really lookiing for]]

All of the FC5 package management tools are based on yum.

Yum is by default configured to get packages from the Internet.

There is currently no support in yum or the other tools for reading
package information from CD or DVD media, though this is planned for the

This is all mentioned here:

On that page you will find a link to my workaound for this issue:


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