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Re: Problem booting FC5 after good install and doing the "first boot" configuration

On Thu, 2006-04-13 at 21:14 -0400, Debbie Deutsch wrote:
> Perhaps someone can suggest some troubleshooting tips (or even a fix!)
> for a problem I have encountered.  Basically, I installed FC5 on a
> system.  After the install I did the first boot configuration.  It told
> me to reboot.  Ever since then, booting hangs after an attempt is made
> to start avahi-daemon.  I get a screen with a blue background and
> then.... the system hangs.

> Does anyone have any suggestions regarding a fix for this?  Or
> additional troubleshooting that I should do before submitting a bug
> report?  Since the system ran FC3 just fine, I doubt this problem is due
> to hardware.

What I would do first would be to put the system in runlevel 1.  To do
that, you need to hit "a" when the grub menu comes up and then at the
end of the boot line you want to add "single".  Hit enter and you will
skip services loading and FC5 will dump you at a root prompt.

When you get there use chkconfig to stop the avahi-daemon from loading.
It will go something like

chkconfig --levels 2345 avahi-daemon off

Try that and see what happens.

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