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Re: What should we NOT do because of SELinux?

Lee Maschmeyer wrote:
Perhaps a stupid question but still I'm uncertain...

I'm getting "avc: denied" messages for all 6 mingetty invocations before login, though the system works fine afterward. I think these may have been triggered by an attempt I made to start the program that drives my braille display (brltty). Up to now I've been able to start this from /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit by invoking brltty after rc.sysinit was reinvoked under initlog. Not seeing anything about initlog near the beginning of FC5's rc.sysinit I stuck in the command anyway. It didn't work and I removed it, ultimately putting it in rc.local instead. But even though I removed rc.sysinit~ so the directory should look normal, perhaps except for the last change date on rc.sysinit, I still get all these "avc: denied" messages.

Did I cause this by messing with rc.sysinit? As I continue to go through the SELinux FAQ will I find out what to do to dispense with this - artwork? :-)

Many thanks,

Please submit the AVC Messages or create a bugzilla.

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