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Re: OT: ADSL safe practices and setting up a home network

On Friday 14 April 2006 15:28, Mike McCarty wrote:
> I got just the MoDem, no router. I bought a D-Link router (wireless),
> and disabled the wireless part and removed the antenna. I don' need
> no snoopin'.
No snooping if you lock it down.

> > only problem is they are stuck on Windows configuration for which they
> > give you a CD. So you can:
> This was my experience, as well. They *only* support Windows. If I call
> them with a problem, they argue with me about what OS I'm running.
> It is either MacOS or some version of Windows. I've had one tell me
> repeatedly that I was running Windows XP, while I told him repeatedly
> I wasn't running any version of Windows. Finally, I told him I was
> running Linux, and he said "Oh, you're running Linux. We don't support
> Linux." and he hung up.
> Anyway, I had to borrow a Windows machine in order to start service.
> The router I was able to configure simply using my browser.
I have handled four routers, two D-Links, one Acer and one SMC.  All four 
could be accessed directly from a browser window, using the IP address 
supplied in the manual.  It did mean temporarily changing the IP of one box 
to match their default, then changing it back when I had reconfigured the 
router, but that's all.  Windows was never involved.


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